the fitting experience

Our fabrics are created from the finest fibers globally. We put over sixty different designs to your requested garment before we even begin crafting. In the end, we've spent weeks to produce the garment that will only fit you. Foundation is everything... and we covered that. 





When you choose to begin the process of obtaining a custom garment, you must first fill out our online application. This will give the Covenant Representative an overview on your request.

You will receive a phone call within 24 hours of your application once it has been reviewed. We will discuss details of your expectations.




Our Covenant Representative will come to the location of your choice. They will showcase fabrics, linings, buttons, and designs we deem suitable for your body structure and occasion. Music and an alcoholic beverage of your choice will be at your leisure.

Once our representative departs, we begin our a diligent process of formatting 60+ designs that will compliment your physique and tone. After we complete our garment drafting, our tailors examine the measurements and proceed to craft your final product. 


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final fitting

A final fitting date will be scheduled once the garment has been finished and analyzed. The Covenant Representative comes to your desired location to ensure we have met your expectations. If any alterations are necessary we will take care of them on our dime.



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