Cancellation Policy

If you need to make any changes after the order is placed, contact us within 24 hours. However, once an order has been placed there are no cancellations

Return & Exchange Policy

Custom Garments & Products cannot be returned or exchanged due to tailoring to the clients’ specific needs. However, alterations of any garment that is purchased will be provided due to improper fit only. Remakes will not be considered due to design format of garment/product.

Payment Agreement

Full payment is due at the conclusion of the first fitting.

If unable to produce full payment, at minimum, 50% deposits are required (for purchases with a subtotal greater than $499.99) . The remaining balance must be paid full in order to schedule second fitting. Client will have five business days to pay the remaining balance once notified that their garment is ready. On the sixth business day your order is subject to a 10% surcharge.

Damaged Goods Policy

Any damage done to the garment post delivery will not be the responsibility of Shaw’s Covenant to repair or remake. The damaged good can be repurchased at full price.