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Starter Garments

Starter garments are the entry point for the gentleman that is transitioning into his purpose.

We offer hundreds of different fabrics to choose from that will consist of blended fibers, worsted wools,

flannels, tweeds, and minimal synthetics to enhance the durability of the selected garment.

Starter Two Piece Suit begin at $749.99.

Starter Three Piece Suit begin at $899.99.

Waistcoat/Vest begin at $149.99.

Shirts begin at $129.99.

Sports coats begin at $499.99.

Trousers begin at $249.99.

Packages available.

the covenant



The purpose driven gentleman is set apart from the common man. He believes that his garment

produces a conducive environment that will be influenced by his character.

The Covenant series is composed of world renowned fabrics that only the select few are able to

access. Your suit will become your gateway to opportunity.

Two Piece Covenant Suit start at $1199.99.

Three Piece Covenant Suit start at $1649.99.

Covenant Sports Coat start at $849.99.

Covenant Waistcoat/Vest start at $324.99.

Covenant Trousers start at $449.99.