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kids of the covenant:

back to school event


 kids of the covenant back to school event

Shaw’s Covenant has always looked beyond the suit to produce impact in the world. Today we are taking motion to assist in developing the youth in social gaps they feel disconnected; starting from school. This back to school event will not be about simply supplying returning students with supplies, but to equip them with the mindset of academic & personal excellence for the school year.

 The development workshop


Justin shaw - Gent’s code | Dress for success

Mr. Shaw will be speaking with to the youth about creating their core values, grooming, and the importance of their image.

Owner of Shaw’s Covenant Custom Clothier.


wali lathan - Adversity | circle of influence

Mr. Lathan will educate the young men about his story and how he was able to change his circle of influence to build a solid foundation for his future.

Owner & Operator of WTL Transportation.


joseph butler - ENTREPRENEURSHIP | wealth building

Joseph Butler, serial entrepreneur, will be educating the children about building wealth and the importance of self-education outside of school.

Owner of Sports Heaven Brand.


 food | play | giveaway


 Bowling, Laser Tagging, Fun & Games! They will indulge in all activities within Main Event. We will conclude with a back to school giveaway of book bags and essential supplies for the school year.


We believe that the next generation is the greatest asset that we can ever invest in. However, this will only be possible if you assist us in sewing a seed into the next generation of leaders. Below we have options to give at any level you feel comfortable with giving.


sponsor a child

We want to be able to give the children the most out of this event. If you see value in sponsoring a child, Shaw’s Covenant will gift you with a $180.00 Gift Certificate for the purchase of any garment of your choice, along with the fitting deposit waived.

Sponsor A Child


Corporate sponsors will be given the following benefits:

Company Logo on Children’s Shirts

Logo on Flyers

Special Social Media Promotion

Brief Commercial During Event

(August 22nd, 2019)

Corporate Sponsor