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Step one: Fill out our brief form

Schedule an appointment with us in our Get Started tab. During the booking process you will be asked a series of questions. You will also have the opportunity of speaking with a Clothier Specialist for further details.


“After putting this power suit over my shoulders, I’m seriously reevaluating my wardrobe.”

Christopher Valentine


Step Two: Covenant Appointment

Make way to our Owings Mills, MD showroom for our Clothier Specialist to depict the appropriate garments for your specific needs. They will take several measurements and body descriptions to ensure that the garment compliments your silhouette.

We also offer mobile services, where we may meet our clients wherever, whenever.


Step three: second fitting

After 4 weeks of crafting & construction, you are requested to return to the showroom to try on the garment. We analyze how the clothing reacts to your body to determine if any adjustments need to be made. Once the alterations are completed within 1-2 weeks, we drape the final product over your shoulders.


So let’s start the journey to develop your Covenant wardrobe today