Our mission far exceeds the fibers of fine clothing.

We strive to build a platform of impact for those that are cultivating their talents.


boys to men conference

Shaw’s Covenant had the opportunity to engage with the students of William Penderhughes Elementary/Middle School. The students were informed on common core gentleman principles along with learning how to tie a necktie.

Morgan state university verizon learning program

We were cordially invited to speak at the Verizon Learning Program for Minority Males at Morgan State University to educate young men about the importance of dressing for success.



RTV Radio show

Community Activist Leader Angie Winder interviewed Justin Shaw (CEO of Shaw’s Covenant) on her radio show, Rebuilding The Village. They discussed the disconnect between minority youth and the overall vision of Baltimore.

“The only way to reconnect a dissonant generation is to have figures that overcame similar circumstances connect with them. They need to see opportunity in their opposition.” - Justin Shaw


capital city charter school in Washington d.c.

We were honored not only to participate in the Gentleman of Distinction of Capital City Charter School, but also grade students on their final project for the year.

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