Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does a suit cost?

                The starting price for a suit is $600. The price will vary based upon fabric selection and miscellaneous options that are available.

     2. What other garments are available for purchase?

                We offer custom shirts, trousers, sport jackets, overcoats, and waistcoats.

     3. Where is the company located?

                The company is based in Baltimore, Maryland. Shaw’s Covenant currently doesn’t have a physical location.

     4. What if I live in a different state?

                We will still be happy to service you. Based upon your location and pending order will determine your private fitting deposit.

     5. What is the fitting deposit for?

                 It secures your personal reservation and covers all expenses for transportation, presentation, beverages, and other special requests. The fitting deposit does not go towards your order and is non-refundable.  

     6. Do I have to make a full payment at the private fitting?

                If your total balance isn't a minimal $300.00 then you will have to pay the full balance at the conclusion of your fitting. If your balance is above $300.00 then you don't have to make a full payment at the fitting. You are allowed to deposit any amount. However, if 50% of your total balance is not paid within 30 days of your fitting the order will be voided. The suit deposit is non-refundable.

     7. How long will it take my suit to arrive?

                It will take us approximately 4-6 to craft your garment. We will call you once your garment is ready.

     8. What if it doesn’t fit properly?

                Shaw’s Covenant only expects the best out of our garments. However, if you are not pleased with the fit of your suit we will have it altered and returned.

     9. Is there alternative space to have my fitting?

                Yes. We have an alternative location to have your fitting if you are not comfortable with us serving you at your personal residence.

     10. What if you do not have the fabric I am looking for?

                If we do not have your preferred fabric then we will locate it for you. Please be prepared to show us examples of the fabric you are looking for.

     11. Can I bring my own fabric?

                Yes. You are able to bring your own fabric. Based upon your needs, we will determine how many yards/meters we will need. This will extend the crafting time of your suit to 5-7 weeks.