The Value of Community


What is your value? We are not talking about your income, position, or experience. We are talking about your impact value. It's great that all of us have our own personal ambitions that we want to achieve for ourselves, but we live in a world that has 7+ billion people just like us. 

Our obligation as a participant in this thing called life is to make the biggest impact. At Shaw's Covenant we don't believe the suit makes the man, but it is a gateway to what the man truly has to offer. 

Our Community Service

We had the privilege and opportunity to engage with elementary students in the inner city of Baltimore prior to the school year concluding.

We partnered with The Ryan Institute  to host a Boys II Men Conference. In this event we engaged in educating the youth on several important topics. 

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Ancestry
  • Higher Education Opportunities
  • Dressing For Success

I'm pretty sure you can assume which topic we took care of!


unnamed (1).jpg

Dressing For Success is an extremely important topic in the native city of Baltimore, because not many youth of African American descent don't access to positive role models. 

We utilized our styling tips to teach them the importance of owning a suit, how to properly tie a tie, and the appropriate suit to wear for each occasion. 

The children were so engaged and enthusiastic that they didn't want the session to end. 


Bottom Line

We challenge you after this post to engage in your community. Search local listings for community service activities to help build the place you call home. A man isn't defined by his income, but defined by his influence and impact on the world. Some of the most inspirational figures that ever lived were men that gave everything to their people and left enough to spare just for himself. 

Start here! Go to and search charity & causes to find local events in your area.

We would also like to give The Ryan Institute a special thanks for having us at their event. If you would like to connect with this organization here is their contact information. 

Until Next Time,


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