Single Breasted Vs. Double Breasted

Styles of today have aged from times of the past. One of the major eye catchers of our time are two distinctive looks. The Single & Double Breasted Suits are what I am referring to. 

Single Breasted

A single Breasted suit has stood the test of time. It has been able to adapt to any culture shift. Primarily the single breasted suit was worn as a three button jacket accompanied with a high button vest. However, as time progressed the vest disappeared due to warm weather, and shortly after the three button jacket  became two button. 

Men love to have a trimmer look to their silhouette. The pull of the top button on a three button jacket misplaces the tug towards the chest and not by the waist. Once men believed it was time to insinuate the curvature of their  physique, then they placed their jacket wardrobe in the hands of the two button style. 



Double Breasted

Back in the 1920s & 1930s every man that owned a single breasted suit was accompanied with a double breasted one of the same format. The format of the double Breasted suit had the primary focus of elongating the body. How so? 

The placement of the lapels (based upon the buttoning format) drape close towards the waist. The longer the lapel the longer the wearer may appear. If you are below 5'8 as a male you might want to consider a four or two button double breasted jacket. 

The only caveat to sporting a double Breasted suit is that it removes the benefit of a slimmer silhouette. 


Bottom Line

The double breasted suit is coming back into play in the 21st century. You can make your decision on which jacket you will wear. Our preference falls under this ideology:

Single Breasted - You are wearing a single breasted jacket to give yourself a slimmer trim, a versatile jacket for any occasion, and a conservative look (based on your lapel style). 

Double Breasted - If you wish to make a statement and stand out you will wear a double Breasted jacket. It will elongate your body, be more of an eye catcher, and gives a bold & dynamic look of power because of the large lapels usually accompanied by a DB jacket. 


Until Next Time,


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