No to Custom? Why?


Debating whether or not you want to go custom? There are numerous reasons why you should purchase a custom suit. However, I’m going to tell you the reasons not to.

  • It's too expensive
  • It takes too much time
  • I don't wear suits often

These are the three major objections that someone may propose to you—let me utilize this time to handle these objections.


It's Too Expensive

A wise man once said, " A poor man knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing." This holds true in the realm of custom garments vs. off the rack suits.

A custom garment holds value much longer than an inexpensive suit. On average a custom garment should last a user anywhere from 15 years to a lifetime. There are actual garments that are older than some children that are 21 years old, but still in amazing condition. Unfortunately purchasing an off the rack suit will only last you through your newborn's toddler years IF you're lucky.  

This is due to quality & effort.

1. A custom suit has either half canvas or full canvas within the fabric. Which extends the lifetime of a garment dramatically. A OTR suit has fused interfacing inside that will reveal bubbles on your suit shortly after a few trips to the cleaners.



2. The fabric a clothier provides you typically surpass the quality of the OTR suit. They will even determine which type of fabric will be best for the occasion of your suit. 

3. A custom suit is made specifically to gel with your body, meaning it operates with all of your imperfections. An OTR suit fits every 1 in 100 men that put it on. The body and suit will continuously have conflict and produce wear & tear, because they aren't cohesive to one another.

It Takes Too Much Time

In all fairness, it does take time to craft a custom suit. But, that doesn't mean it isn't worth it. 

Prior to manufacturing finding it's place in our new day in age, everyone had a personal tailor. This tailor made all of garments by hand and prepared it for the wearer, expecting only that gent to wear it. This meant that he personalized this piece of fabric to fit the wearer without error. 

Back to today... Companies simply punch in 4-6 different generic measurements that fits the common man (what man really has the same body structure as another?). It doesn't take into account if the client's head is forward or if his arms are pitched forward/backwards which may affect the drape of the sleeve (possibly compromising comfort).



So it takes time. But, it's a necessity to be able to create something that will last you a life time. If you simply prepare for events to occur prior to them happening you will not have to struggle to have this completed. A typical clothier can produce a finely tailored garment between 4-8 weeks. Some may be able to do much faster, but there are outliers to this statistic.

I Don't Wear Suits Often

Look, we understand that you don't wear suits often. Quite frankly, many people don't. 

But... when you put on a suit for the first time in a long time, do you wish to look like you never wore a suit?

If you don't wear suits often you don't want to have "any ole' suit" on, because like we spoke of in our last blog post, you may fall into the category of the "Baggy Fit". Don't be that guy.

When you put on a suit it should almost be a culture shock to all of your family, friends, and colleagues. You should be able to walk into the Lamborghini dealership and be able to test drive the flagship model without the salesman batting an eye.

A custom suit will leave you with a positive lasting impression with a organic fit. An OTR suit (especially without alterations) will leave you appearing as another failed male that doesn't take pride in his personal presentation. 


Bottom Line

In the end, it is your decision whether you feel like a custom suit is necessary. But every man on planet earth should own at least one custom garment. Gentleman could only wear custom garments prior to the 1900s. Let's not stray away from catering to our own needs and show the world that the professionally dressed Gent hasn't disappeared. 

Until Next Time,


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