Building your Professional Wardrobe

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July 9th, 2018

     When you first make the decision of building your professional wardrobe it can be stressful.  Most men don't know where to begin, because it's not merely as simple as putting on a pair of cargo shorts, tee shirt, and a pair of tennis shoes. Or is it?

     A suit garment isn't as complicated as it appears. So, I am here to teach you the core concepts of creating a staple wardrobe of a few garments. I will rid you of some of the preconceived notions of being a part of the sartorial community. 

1. The first suit MUST stand out.


     This is an idea most men think is a must when picking out their first custom garment. When you select your first custom garment, no matter what the pattern or color may be, it will draw attention to you.

      Why? The common eye of a civilian already recognizes the gentleman that is in well tailored clothing. If you select an ostentatious pattern that is very uncommon, the chances of you being able to wear that suit again that same week or two is highly unlikely.

2. My Suit MUST be super tight.

    The trend that has prolonged for a lengthy time period has been the super fitted suit garment. Some people always associate a very slim suit with a custom background. A suit can be very appealing when fitted, but there a dangers to the idea of all of your garments being in this format. 

  •     If you purchase a custom garment that is very tight it will have minimal allowance. Meaning, if you gain weight you will have little space to work with. 
  • If a suit is very fitted on you it increases the stress the fabric will have to tolerate. 
  • If this trend concludes you will be stuck with an expensive wardrobe that will be out of style. 

Select a very fitted suit at your own risk. I recommend a normal slim fit garment and have your seamstress or clothier take it in if needed.



Where do I start?

      Now that we have cleared a couple of preconceived ideas, lets talk about where you should start. 

    Your main objective is to purchase your first three suits in charcoal gray (not black), navy blue, and brown. All three of these colors will cater to any occasion you must attend. 

   The beauty in these garments are the versatility. They all have a dynamic look when crafted with precision. So as stated before, it will catch the viewers eye without the expense of it being recognized again if you wear it shortly after.

   This will begin to enhance your own personal style. You will be able to freely pair any color shirt, tie, and pocket square combination with these staple garments in your wardrobe. 



There is much more that can be covered in this topic, but the key to everything is simplicity. This applies to your wardrobe as well. Being over the top with your selections of custom garments can tarnish the idea of a pristine and professional look. Understand that you will be able to express your creativity  through your apparel without bombarding the viewer's eye with a plethora of patterns & color. 

Until Next Time,


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