The Power of The Suit

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      Do you want to command the room? Control the environment? Naturally attract other figures without even engaging in conversation? This can be a difficult task to achieve. 

     From the age of 5 until now most of our parents have always educated us to "not judge a book by it's cover". It's not from the  surface that you can judge a man, but by his own personality and principles. This is the integral way to live. But, most of us have the opposite behavior implanted in our conscious. 

   So, let me provide you with an answer to producing influence in your career whether it's corporate, sales, or as a public figure...


The suit is one of the subtle (yet major) catalyst that aspires a man to produce. What does a suit represent? A suit represents to most power, confidence, influence, execution, and control. These reflect only characteristics of a leader; any solid leader. They don’t show up not prepared for the day!

How does one let others know of the severity of a man’s position when he tackles the day prior to vocal communication?! His attire.

How do you gauge a man’s societal level prior to engaging in conversation? The way he carries himself.

How does one find confidence in selecting the right salesman to assist them in their purchase prior to speaking with anyone? His attire.

The suit doesn’t close the sale, but it enhances it. Most will have confidence in the gentleman that has the sharpest attire on over the one that appears to be just getting out of bed.

But not only does it play a role in the buyers mind, but it also creates a catalyst in the wearer’s psyche.



When you put on a suit you feel prepared, distinguished, set a part, confident, and focused. When a suit is draped over my shoulders I am comfortable walking into any environment because it puts the atmosphere under my control. It evokes a natural reaction of respect from the viewers. It’s an instantaneous advantage to creating impact, relationships, and sales at any given time.

So why would you need a custom suit? 

Anyone can wear a suit, but the fit of the suit will inform the viewer what to expect from the unknown character.


The Millennial Fit

   This suit represents the millennial group of men that are just getting into the workforce. In a professional environment employers can recognize the entry level suit attire. This isn't to dismiss this style of dress, because it is a decent place to start. However, this will only reflect your personality as a youthful, entry level character. 






The Baggy Suit

    This suit is completely outdated. The fit is poor. This typically reflects someone that is completely unfamiliar with the idea of a professional wear. A lot of people perceive this gentleman as the "shady salesman". Please steer clear of this fit, especially if you're involved in the realm of sales. 




The Custom Fit

This is the garment of honor. The custom suit. We can distinguish this as a proper fitting suit, because it's made specifically for the wearer's physique. This custom garment hides all the wearer's imperfections to provide a very clean, sleek look. When most people view this character they associate them with a high level executive or as a person of influence & power. 

Bottom Line

     We should never define someone by their apparel, but it is a natural mindset we accrue over past experiences. Most people will never learn not to judge others, so we must meet them where they are and exude a professional presence. 

Until Next Time,


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