5 Tips to Make Suits Last

There is a lawyer that walks into one of the most reputable menswear retailers to purchase the a Dormueil $3,000 suit.  He comes back merely two months later to the retailer claiming that he overpaid for a suit that didn’t last him even 60 days!

                Fortunately, I haven’t had a client return to me with these issues—but too often have I heard men complain about their garments not lasting them as long as they should. So, here are a few tips on how to make your suits last longer.


1.       Two Season Wardrobe


Your goal should be to have a two season wardrobe (Autumn/Winter & Spring/Summer). This gives you the ability to let your garments rest during different seasons. You can’t keep wearing the same suit every 1-2 days or it will naturally take a toll. You can purchase a high-quality custom garment. It will have more endurance than the common custom suit, but it will still run its course after an extended period of time if there isn’t a standard rotation available.

2.       How To Hang A Garment


Many men walk in after a long day and toss their suit and pants to the side in a pile or they hang it back up with the rest of their suits. This is a big NO. When you take off your jacket drape it on the back of a chair that will reflect the form of your shoulders, so it can hold its shape and air out. Do the same with your pants, but simply fold them on the creases. It will naturally remove the odor from the garment and won’t latch the scent onto the others in your closet.

3.       Only dry clean once a Season


You DO NOT … I repeat… You ABSOLUTELY DO NOT take your suit to the dry cleaners after every wear. Any time you take it to a dry cleaner, depending on the quality of the suit a series of things will happen. The amount of heat applied to the suit after several trips will make the fused canvasing bubble on the front of your suit. If your garment isn’t typically made out of 100% natural fibers then the suit will start to have a shiny cheap finish on the shell fabric. Lastly, they are applying heaps of chemicals onto your garment, which was typically finished with pure crystallized water (no chemicals) prior to your purchase.

4.       Steam Your Garments


Purchase a steamer. The steamer will give you the ability to remove the dirt & debris from your suit along with removing any creases from the previous wear. If you only have access to an iron, please make sure that you lay a pillow case or any thin piece of fabric on top of your garment to protect the integrity of your garment’s cloth.

5.       Wash Your Shirts Cold


The maximum temperature you can wash your shirts without them being damaged is 280 degrees. This is why you must do research on your local dry cleaners, because the average cleaners apply 400 degrees of heat and chemicals to the shirt. The best option for you to ensure the quality of your garment isn’t being compromised is to wash cold & hand press with an iron (same way you do a suit).


                These are some of the essential care tips I have for you to help increase the lifetime of your suit wardrobe. If you have any further questions feel free to leave a comment below.

Justin ShawComment