Grow Your Network Passively

I went to a networking event in winter 2018 with a three-piece wool cashmere blend suit on. I stood by the cheese because I was late and someone came up to me inquiring what I do for a living. I explained and she immediately pulled me over to her group of colleagues to introduce me. I told them my story and they were fascinated. We all exchanged contact information and social platforms.

                Almost a year later, one of the individuals that were at that event contacted me about an opportunity to build an organization. My appearance demanded her attention, but my character closed her curiosity.

You can’t leave the confines of your home without appearing as if you’re dressed for a purpose, because when you don’t care for your image you miss opportunities that would have walked to you.

                It hasn’t only happened for myself, but I’ve had clients experience the same thing. They were sporting their custom garments in Baltimore Harbor East. They ran into some of the wealthiest gentleman in Baltimore. The gentleman complimented them on their appearance and they started to converse. After their brief conversation they were invited into an exclusive speak-easy in Baltimore. They were given access to several prominent men that own 8-9 figures in assets just from their appearance.

Use the curiosity effect to draw others to you. I know sometimes fear holds us back from going after opportunities, but when you present yourself as a curious character before you even speak, others come to you.

Here are five things you can implement today to make your professional demeanor increase your influence.

  1. Play with contrasting colors. Don't pair two shades that are similar. This will make you appear dull.

  2. Utilize soft colors. If you are sporting navy blue, don't just put on a white shirt. Feel free to sport a soft purple/pink/blue shirt to illuminate your complexion.

  3. If it's hot outside don't be afraid to put on loafers, shorts, and a button up.

  4. NEVER walk out of your home without being fully groomed & trimmed.

  5. If you're capable of acquiring custom garments have your Clothier add details such as Pic stitching of a different color in your garments. The fit of the garment should be able to speak for itself as well.

                I want you to utilize your image as a reinforcement of your identity that will naturally develop new relationships. It’s a simple principle, but with an outstanding return on investment.

Justin ShawComment