Kids of the covenant: back to school series

We believe that the next generation is the greatest asset that we can ever invest in. With children, lies our very own future. Shaw’s Covenant has curated a Back To School event catered to grooming young minority men . We will be hosting the event at Main Event in Columbia, MD where we will talk to them about a series of topics, equip them with the tools to excel, and of course fun and games. However, this will only be possible if you assist us in sewing a seed into the next generation of leaders. Below we have options to give at any level you feel comfortable with investing.

Sew into the next gen'

corporate sponsorship

The purpose of corporate entities are to solve problems of the free world. Your contributions are monumental, because of the sacrifices you’ve made and now you have the opportunity to make the next generations opportunities prevalent. Look below to see the benefits of our sponsorship package.

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